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Emile Durkheim
 · Emile Durkheim, French social scientist who developed a vigorous methodology combining empirical research with sociological theory. He is widely regarded as the founder of the French school of sociology. Learn more about Durkheim’s life, …
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COVID-19 pandemic and suicidality: Durkheim revisited
 · Finally, excessive societal regulations such as curfew and lockdown may breed a sense of pessimism about the future and precipitate fatalistic suicide (Durkheim, 1897). Recent reports on surge in prison suicides have attributed the phenomenon to an overly restrictive regime, aimed at controlling the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, that threw inmates into despair ( Grierson, 2020 ).
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SOCY 151
Lecture 22 – Durkheim and Types of Social Solidarity Overview Emile Durkheim, a French scholar who lived from 1858 until 1917, was one of the first intellectuals to use the term “sociology” to describe his work. In the early years of his career, Durkheim’s orientation
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Durkheim’s Latent Theory of Gender and Homicide
3 Durkheim implied that this negative relationship may be obscured by the expansion of criminal laws prohibiting homicide, variations in the level of anomie, and perhaps even variations in the degree to which labour is forced, the age distribution of society, and the
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Émile Durkheim – Wikipedia

Émile Durkheim (franska: [emil dyʁkɛm] eller [dyʁkajm]), född 15 april 1858 i Épinal, död 15 november 1917 i Paris, var en fransk sociolog, pedagog och filosof och den sociologiska strukturalismens fader. Han räknas som en av sociologins grundare, tillsammans med Max Weber och Karl Marx.
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Émile Durkheim
Durkheim creó el primer departamento de sociología en la Universidad de Burdeos en 1895, publicando Las reglas del método sociológico.En 1896 creó la primera revista dedicada a la sociología, L’Année Sociologique.Su influyente monografía, El suicidio (1897), un estudio de los tipos de suicidios de acuerdo a las causas que lo generan, fue pionera en la investigación social y sirvió
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(DOC) Sociological Perspectives On Socialisation & …

For Durkheim, socialisation was really similar to training or even taming. Parsons has also help put a lot of emphasis on social order and consensus being maintained through socialisation. During socialisation, individuals learn one desire -what the culture of society provides and in doing so, their personalities become structured by the social rules they learn.
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Émile Durkheim
Émile Durkheim foi um dos mais importantes sociólogos da história da humanidade. Até hoje ele é reconhecido pela academia como o “Pai da Sociologia”, devido às suas inúmeras contribuições acadêmicas. Além disso, ele foi antropólogo e filósofo. Sua principal
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La sociologie d’Émile Durkheim
Dans ses Règles de la méthode sociologique, Durkheim donne un objet à la sociologie en le définissant essentiellement comme une force sociale. Alors qu’il aurait logiquement dû proposer des méthodes inspirées des sciences physiques, Durkheim préfère s
La sociologia secondo Émile Durkheim
Durkheim si concentrò molto sulle strutture sociali, il loro ruolo nella società e nel dimostrare l’influenza che queste esercitano sui singoli attori. Nella teoria di Émile Durkheim i fatti sociali costituiscono l’oggetto della ricerca sociologica. È considerato fatto sociale:
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Émile Durkheim
David Émile Durkheim (født 15. april 1858 i Épinal, død 15. november 1917 i Paris) er kendt som en af grundlæggerne af den moderne sociologi. Han grundlagde det første europæiske institut for sociologi i 1895 og skrev desuden den første afhandling om social videnskab i 1896 i L’Année Sociologique.
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For Durkheim: Essays in Historical and Cultural Sociology …

 · For Durkheim is a timely and original contribution to the debate about Durkheim at a time when his concerns on ethics, morality and civil religion have much relevance for our own troubled and divided society. It includes two new essays from Edward A. Tiryakian’s collection on the Danish Muhammad cartoons and September 11th, providing contemporary relevance to the debate and an …
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Emile Durkheim (豆瓣)

This study of Durkheim seeks to help the reader to achieve a historical understanding of his ideas and to form critical judgments about their value. To some extent these tow aims are contradictory. On the one hand, one seeks to understand: what did Durkheim really mean, how did he see the world, how did his ideas related to one another and how did they develop, how did they rel