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俄羅斯計劃在2013年夏天向駐阿布哈茲共和國的俄陸軍部隊部署大約40輛新型BTR-82A 8×8裝甲人員輸送車。該車也將首次參加在莫斯科紅場舉行的閱兵。 BTR-82A是俄制BTR-80A的升級車型,在敘利亞伊德利卜(Idlib)的公路上遭土製炸彈(IED)的伏擊,于2011年開始服役于俄羅斯軍隊。BTR-80可全方位抵御7.62毫米子彈的攻擊,被戲稱為“低端戰場的風火 …

BTR-82裝甲車是俄羅斯BTR-80型8×8輪式裝甲運兵車的最新衍生版本,正面防護裝甲能抵御12.7毫米子彈的攻擊,上鏡率極高,BTR-82A on display at the Tank Biathlon in Russia. 2014 [2250 x 1500] : ImagesOfRussia

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BTR-90輪式裝甲車視頻資料(遠古渣畫質) PMK-4君 4545 播放 · 0 彈幕 俄羅斯BTR-82步兵戰車 HD 720P Babalosa 1.3萬 播放 · 27 彈幕 【陸上自衛隊】87式自行高炮35mm 機炮水平射擊
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The BTR-82A is the most recent variant of the BTR-80 line of armored personnel carriers. Embraced by the Russian military in 2013, the BTR-82 is fully amphibious and armed with a 30 mm cannon and coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun on a power-operated turret.
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Naval Infantry battalions uses MT-LB’s and BTR-80/82 plus 1 battalion of BMP-2’s. These represents prime usage. There would be a mix of all types within brigades end even battalions. 4. Brigades are generally 3 battalions of Motor Rifle and 1 of Tank or vice
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BTR-82A armoured personnel carrier-照片素材(圖片)(No.12638874)。您可在PIXTA上購買和銷售免權利金圖片,但是不能使用附加裝甲。
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 · In April 2010, Russian defence industry has started to market the BTR-82 and BTR-82A as a modernization program for existing BTR-80 operators. The BTR-82A APC was developed based on the design of BTR-80A. The vehicle offers improved protection The
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The BTR-82 (BTR-82A) is the product of a deep upgrade of the BTR-80 (BTR-80€). The firepower of the BTR-82 (BTR-82A) APC is enhanced thanks to the installed unified armament module with electric actuators and a digital two-plane gun stabilization system coupled with a new round- …
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The BTR-82A is powered by KAMAZ 740.14-300 turbo diesel engine, which generates a power of 300hp. The vehicle can accomplish a maximum speed of 100km/h on road and has a maximum range of 600km. The upgraded transmission components ensure increased average speed on uneven surfaces.
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Killer of Tanks: Russia’s BTR-82 Armored Vehicle to Carry a Deadly 57 mm Cannon The latest, upgraded, version of Russia’s famous BTR-82 armored personnel carrier will boast a more powerful 57 mm automatic cannon to make easy work of all existing foreign analogues and also to seriously damage or even destroy enemy tanks, the newspaper Izvestia wrote.
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俄羅斯BTR-82步兵戰車 HD 720P Babalosa 1.3萬 播放 · 26 彈幕 【軍事】俄羅斯BTR-82 輪式裝甲車 AIM-47 4185 播放 · 7 彈幕 【軍隊-2019】俄羅斯陸軍 — BTR-82A輪式裝甲運兵車(2019/6) 艾利西亞-梅露姬奧特 1166 播放 · 0 彈幕
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Perfect for wargaming the modern Syrian conflict. I thickened the barrels on the guns for sturdier printing, made the turret removable, added nicer looking wheels, and trimmed off any excess parts that will not print up nicely like the antenna. Update 5/29/19: Added model with wheels detached for easier printing.
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