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Reliability and validity of palmar and conjunctival …

Additionally, reference [8] reports studies on the relationship between skin and Hb. Spinelli et al. [9] compared the analysis of palmar and conjunctival pallor to detect anaemia: they found that
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 · Conjunctival pallor and retinal haemorrhages are the predominant features. Anaemia occurs when the RBC or haemoglobin are below the normal levels. The cause of anaemia may be due to defective production or abnormalities in the production of RBCs from the bone marrow (Erythropoiesis), increased blood loss or destruction of RBCs (Haemolysis).
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Conjunctival pallor and pallor of the palms, palmar creases and nail beds is a feature common to all types of anaemia. Sensitivity ranges from 19% to 70% and specificity ranges from 70% to 100%. Nardone DA, Roth KM, Mazur DJ, et al. Usefulness of physical
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The relation of conjunctival pallor to the presence of …

The absence of conjunctival pallor is not likely to be of use in ruling out severe anemia. With well-defined criteria, interobserver agreement is good to very good. Notes: 0884-8734 (Print)Journal Article Publisher’s Version Last updated on 02/02/2016 Search
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Original Article Diagnostic accuracy of “pallor” for detecting mild …

 · PDF 檔案pallor moderately ruled in mild anaemia (+LR=5.6) while conjunctival pallor modestly favoured mild anaemia (+LR=3.1). Absence of pallor at conjunctiva, palm, nailbed, or at any site did not rule out mild anaemia (-LR’s= 0.5-0.6). All the three sites had modest
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Conjunctival pallor. This is an unhealthy pale appearance to the palpebral conjunctiva that can be a sign of anemia. Injected conjunctiva. This is a red eye caused by dilation of …
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 · PDF 檔案of conjunctival pallor in diagnosing mild anemia are 8.85% and 0.55% respectively. The sensitivity and specificity of skin prevalence of 13.6% comparable to the present study, it pallor in diagnosing moderate anaemia is 17.39% and 95.33% of skin pallor in with
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Conjunctival pallor. This is an unhealthy pale appearance to the palpebral conjunctiva that can be a sign of anemia. Injected conjunctiva. This is a red eye caused by dilation of blood vessels in the conjunctiva. Furthermore, is paleness a sign of cancer? Cancer .
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 · PDF 檔案Conjunctival pallor 201 (77.0) 77.22 <0.0001 Table 6 Diagnostic significance of various clinical pallor in diagnosis of moderate or severe anaemia. Anaemia grade Location Sensitivity Specificity PPV NPV P value Severe anaemia Nail bed pallor 98.7 53.7 66
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The conjunctival microvascular hemodynamics are affected by diabetic retinopathy (DR), hence can be useful for DR diagnosis and monitoring, and discriminating stages of DR. [8] Type II diabetes is associated with conjunctival hypoxia , [9] increased average blood vessel diameter, and capillary loss.
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disc edema -> optic disc pallor 洗胃,觀察一段時間,腹膜透析,特異度99%,LR+16.7 Palmar crease pallor(手掌皮溝蒼白) ⇒手のシワまで白い狀態。 感度8%,一兩個月後再進行 vitrectomy. sudden loss of visual field
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 · Head and neck – melasma, conjunctival pallor, jaundice, oedema. Legs and feet – calf swelling, oedema and varicose veins. Abdominal Inspection In the obstetric examination, inspect the abdomen for: Distension compatible with pregnancy Fetal movement (>24
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Conjunctival rim pallor(結膜環蒼白)・Palmar crease …

Conjunctival rim pallor(結膜環蒼白) ⇒手前側の縁の色が奧側の薄い肉色の所見と同じ場合を言う。 〈正常〉 〈異常〉 Hb11.0g/dl以下 の 感度10%,碳酸氫鈉緩和酸血癥