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Mechanism of hydride shift in organic reactions
1. The gas-phase process H3CH + CH 3 + → H3C+ + HCH3 was discussed as a model reaction of hydride shift. Within the framework of the approximate theory of the valence bond, the potential surface area of hydrogen shift in this process was calculated. 2. It was shown by the calculations that the reaction of hydride shift consists of two steps. The first step is accompanied by electron transfer
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 · Takahiko Akiyama and co-workers at Gakushuin University have reported in JACS on a carbon-carbon bond cleaving process followed by a carbon-carbon bond forming process using a scandium (III) triflate catalyst. JACS paper
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1,2-hydride Shift
1,2-hydride shift of 2-methylbutyl cation. Keywords and level of theory for the calculation: TS optimization: opt=(calcfc,ts,noeigen) freq b3lyp/6-31g(d) scf=xqc HP freq calculation:
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Hydride shift and Ring Expansion Ask Question Asked 8 months ago Active 8 months ago Viewed 87 times 0 1 $\begingroup$ Below is a problem I got stuck at in a test . The first compund in this chain was easy to figure out , it was something I didn’t add the
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1,2-Alkyl shifts vs. hydride shifts
 · I was going to try and give an example in which a hydride shift and alkyl shift yield the same carbocation but I can’t think of any. So it seems like your approach should be effective in the majority (if not all) of cases.
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按一下以檢視9:56 · a second alkyl group so this is a secondary carbo cation we can do a hydride shift before I show how to draw a hydride shift let’s go to the video so we can see it with the model set so here is that secondary carbo cation you can see the geometry
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hydride shift
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Degenerate hydride shift?
 · Could anyone explain to me how a degenerate hydride shift works? Also do you know of any testable experiments that will produce products that undergo degenerate hydride
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You cannot move the hydride ion 5 bonds away just because it gives a more stable carbocation. The other type of rearrangement is the 1,2-methyl shift. Here instead of the hydride ion, we have a methyl ion with the electrons (sometimes referred to as methide
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The shift of hydride from one atom to other atom within a molecule is called hydride shift where the atom which held the H first will now become electron defficient and is vulnerable for the attack of a nucleophile unless it is a rearrangement reaction.
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This hydride shift produces a relatively stable secondary carbocation which then is attacked by a base to form the more substituted alkene according to the Zaitsev’s rule: Another possibility of forming this alkene is explained by the reversible nature of the dehydration reaction.
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