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Oli London is Europe’s first male k-pop star and has had a lot of attention for his life choice on getting so many surgeries done to change his appearance. I was very intrigued by these headlines and I got to sit down with Oli to talk about all of this.
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Oli London is a social media star, TikToker, model, and singer. London started making videos on YouTube in 2018 and since then he has shared dozens of videos on his channel. Moreover, after gaining more audience in his channel, he underwent plastic surgery
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 · Oli London has undergone 15 surgical and over 100 non-surgical procedures to emulate the look of Jimin from BTS, one of the world’s biggest K-Pop boy bands. “I used to live in [South] Korea back in 2013. BTS came on the scene in 2013 and their choreography, looks, their moves — …
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Oli London in plastic surgery campaign for View Plastic Surgery | Source: londonoli/Instagram Moving on to the second point, she says that she’s heard fellow K-Pop fans say that Oli can’t be a BTS fan because he doesn’t follow their message of loving yourself.
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An ugly rat from Britain. Already did many plastic surgerys to look like BTS JIMIN (the god of handsomeness). Behaving like a clown and known as a koreaboo.Now he is haunting
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Oli London is known for spending a substantial amount of money on cosmetic surgery in order to look like JiMin. However, some fans believe that Oli London is actually not a BTS fan and is actually just pretending to be a mega fan for clout. The news of him
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A newcomer teacher gets to be send abroad to teach students in South Korea. It’s first day goes completely wrong but, Oli London, the teacher, finds a new interest while looking at multiple 16 year old Boys in his home group class, which would be the most entertaining genre to his perspective and his beautiful eyes, K-pop!
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I thought I would never ever in my life answer this.. Hang on for a tough ride here cause I’ma bout to drop som bombs on this guy.. We all pretty much have heard of him.. Right? I Mean…RiGhT?.. (*it’s ok Jimin sweetie I’ll get you outta here just
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Exclusive streetwear designed by British K-Pop star Oli London from anime tracksuits to graphic printed t-shirts and oversized logo hoodies. Choose from his range of new merchandise from blankets, to phone cases to masks and more. Exclusively available on K
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Oli London is an insane ‘koreaboo’ who has spent around £265,000 on plastic surgery to look like Park Jimin from the global K-Pop group BTS. He has gone too far. He has recently MARRIED a cardboard cut out of Jimin! Not only that, but he was recently a special
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Oli London is in an open relationship with his roommate “Frenchy” Morgan, and they share the cardboard Jimin that he married in Vegas. Also in attendance of his wedding to cardboard Jimin was the woman believed to be his roommate, Angelique “Frenchy” Morgan, who is best known for stints on reality TV including appearing on Vh1‘s Rock of Love 2, I Love Money, and Channel 5‘s Celebrity