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IPPROTO_IP Dans le in.h fichier, le commentaire dit: Dummy protocol for TCP. Cette constante a la valeur 0. C’est en fait un choix automatique selon le type de socket et de la famille. Si vous l’utilisez, et si le type de socket est SOCK_STREAM et de la famille est AF_INET, le protocole sera automatiquement TCP (exactement de la même façon que si vous aviez utilisé IPPROTO_TCP).
Chapter 7. Socket Options - Shichao's Notes
IPPROTO_RAW) self. init_shared_ipc_buffer # self.raw_sock.setsockopt(socket.IPPROTO_IP, socket.IP_HDRINCL, 1) 項目,指向存放選項值的緩衝區。optlen,當用于組播時,沒有你說的IP_OPTIONS IP_HDRINCL · IP_TOS · SO_BINDTODEVICE · SO_BROADCAST · SO_DEBUG · SO
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Python socket 模塊,saddr等于0
The setsockopt Kernel Implementation
The argument for setsockopt(2) is an ip_mreqn or (since Linux 3.5) ip_mreq structure similar to IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP, or an in_addr structure. (The kernel determines which structure is being passed based on the size passed in optlen .)
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int setsockopt( int s, int level, int optname, const void * optval, socklen_t optlen ); optname可選下面的,需設定的選項。optval, medbenali | 項目源碼 | 文件源碼
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To disable previously specified options, use a zero-length buffer: setsockopt(s, IPPROTO_IP, IP_OPTIONS, NULL, 0); IP_TOS and IP_TTL may be used to set the type-of-service and time-to-live fields in the IP header for SOCK_STREAM, SOCK , int tos
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Raw Socket
raw(7): IPv4 raw sockets
If IP_HDRINCL isn’t set, then IP header options can be set on raw sockets with setsockopt(2); see ip(7) for more information. In Linux 2.2, all IP header fields and options can be set using IP socket options.
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[Solved] setsockopt error code 10049.
 · You are not specifying a protocol for your socket (when passing zero it is choosen by the service provider). I don’t know if this is the reason, but you might try to use IPPROTO_UDP. Indeed. I just saw your solution. If the errors are also on the page from where you
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setsockopt: IPPROTO_IP: Protocol not available

Re: setsockopt: IPPROTO_IP: Protocol not available « Ответ #1 : Апреля 01, 2010, 03:00:30 pm » Кстати, shutdown на датаграмном сокете делать нет смысла (не говоря уже о том, что shutdown сокет не освобождает)
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IP_IPDEFTTL can be used to retrieve the system wide default TTL. If the IP_RECVDSTADDR option is enabled on a SOCK_DGRAM socket, the recvmsg(2) call will return the destination IP address for a UDP datagram. The msg_control field in the msghdr structure points to a buffer that contains a cmsghdr structure followed by the IP address.
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setsockopt()函數,用于任意類型,optval緩衝區的長度。setsockopt()函式用於任意型別,有inet_sock的成員rcv_saddr==saddr (本地發送數據用到的地址=本地接收數據 的地址), CyberScan 作者,指標,任意狀態 套接口 的設置選項值。 盡管在不同協議層上存在選項,任意狀態套介面的設定選項值。
Chapter 7. Socket Options - Shichao's Notes
setsockopt(s,IPPROTO_IP,IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP,&mreq,sizeof(mreq)); IP_MULTICAST_IF 作用似乎跟bind()有些重復。對于單播的時候