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Sheep’s milk maintains the same volume when converted to yogurt creating a richer, creamier product without the use of thickening additives. When used for cheese, the moisture and fat content of sheep products are comparable to their cow and goat equivalents.
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Define sheep. sheep synonyms, sheep pronunciation, sheep translation, English dictionary definition of sheep. n. pl. sheep 1. a. A domesticated ruminant mammal having a thick coat, raised in many breeds for its wool, edible flesh, or hide. b. Any of various
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The Sheep took the money, and put it away in a box: then she said ‘I never put things into people’s hands–that would never do–you must get it for yourself.’ And so saying, she went off to the other end of the shop, and set the egg upright on a shelf.
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I see your logic: * a group of sheep = sheep * many groups of sheep = sheeps For example, you would use “sheeps” to refer to several species of sheep. “The black and brown sheeps have crossed the field.” But no, you would still use “
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私はあらゆる時に主をほめたたえる。私の口には,主への賛美がある。 我 要 時 時 稱 頌 耶 和 華 ; 讚 美 他 的 話 必 常 在 我 口 中 。 (詩篇34:1)
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The team behind In Sheep’s Clothing hi-fi takes you through the […] E. Little April 15, 2021 Wolfgang Voigt and GAS: Exploring the work of the synthetic minimalist producer behind Kompakt Sublime deep listening works from the founder of seminal electronic In
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Someone who mindessly follows and emulates anything and everything in the name of fame/recognition. A waste of flesh and brain cells. A mammal that is part of a massive worldwide conspiracy to take over the world. Slowly increasing their influence in the media
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It’s an understandable conundrum. My work on (the outskirts of) the NFL CTE litigation turned my off immensely from watching that sport. The exploitation is just too much for me to reconcile with my fandom. This feels similar.
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 · Sheep will select different types and species of plants than other livestock. Touch Since the sheep’s body is covered with wool or coarse hair, only the nose, lips, mouth, and maybe ears readily lend themselves to touching behavior.
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